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Trust Dr. Gross as your dermatologist in Alta Loma CA and get expert care

Dermatologist in Alta Loma CAIf you’ve never visited a dermatologist in Alta Loma CA, you should consider it. Best case scenario, you’re just missing out on better-looking skin by avoiding the dermatologist’s office. Worst case scenario, you could be suffering needlessly from itchy, flaky, or diseased skin, or developing skin cancer without even knowing it. A dermatological exam can provide diagnoses of and treatment for many different conditions, including:

What Makes Dr. Gross one of the Best Dermatologists in Alta Loma CA?

Dr. Gross is a highly qualified dermatologist in Alta Loma CA with degrees from Harvard and UCLA. As a board-certified dermatologist who has been practicing privately since 1992, he has the skills and expertise you need to achieve healthier, better-looking skin. You can rest assured that you will receive expert care and treatments using the latest technology and equipment when you choose Dr. Gross as your dermatologist. As a board-certified dermatologic surgeon, Dr. Gross can even provide Mohs surgery right in his office.

Want to Learn More?

If you have questions or concerns about your skin, a visit to an expert dermatologist in Alta Loma CA like Dr. Gross is in order. Dr. Gross can not only treat or even cure many skin conditions, but also provide useful advice about caring for your skin to prevent future problems and keep it smooth, healthy, and beautiful. Please contact us today to set up your appointment.