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Elko NV

We are proud to offer dermatology visits via telemedicine. This option allows patients to have a tele-dermatology visit from the comfort of their own home.

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The name Elko NV translates literally to “Rocks piled on one another.” It is the largest city within Elko County and is also the county seat. The population of Elko NV as of the 2010 census was just shy of 20,000 people. The city has the Humboldt River running through it and is the main city of the Elko Metro area that includes counties in Eureka as well. There is no larger city than Elko for more than 130 miles all directions. If you need non-emergency dermatology care in Elko NV Keith M. Gross, M.D. is here for you. Many insurance companies now cover telemedicine dermatology but if they do not then your maximum payment is $70. It could be even less if you have a copay. We will contact your provider directly and handle all paperwork as applicable. Contact us today for help with acne, skin disease, skin growths, and other telemedicine dermatology needs in Elko NV.