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Suffering from a painful or embarrassing skin condition? Come see an expert in dermatology Fernley.

Dermatology FernleyAre you worried about recent changes in your skin? Maybe you’ve developed a rash that won’t fade away or a sore that won’t heal. Or maybe you just can’t remember whether or not a specific mole has always been the same size or shape. In any case, Dr Gross can help. Thanks to his many years of experience in dermatology Fernley, Dr Gross can allay your fears by providing an expert diagnosis and treatment of any skin problem you may have.

Our Dermatology Services

All of the locations of Dermatology Skin Cancer Center offer a complete range of dermatology Fernley services, including:

Skin Disease Treatment: Get your smooth, blemish-free skin back with our expert skin disease treatments targeting problems like rashes, hives, warts, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Acne Treatment: Acne is a common problem for teens and even for some adults. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of treatments available including special soaps and prescription skincare products.

Skin Cancer Screening: Wondering whether that mole is just a mole or something more sinister? Come in for a professional skin cancer screening to identify precancerous lesions.

Precancerous Lesion Removal: Any suspicious moles, growths, or lesions can be successfully removed using cryotherapy or surgical excision right here in Dr Gross’ office. This helps nip potential developing cancers in the bud and keep your skin healthy.

Skin Cancer Treatment: Dr Gross offers a complete range of skin cancer treatment options, including standard surgical excision and Mohs surgery. For more advanced cases, chemotherapy may be recommended.

Mohs Surgery: Certain types of skin cancers can be successfully treated using Mohs micrographic surgery, which allows the surgeon to cut away all the cancerous cells with great precision. This procedure helps minimize the healthy tissue that is removed along with the cancerous tissue.

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