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Mohs Surgery in Fernley NV

Treat skin cancer with a 98 percent success rate using Mohs surgery in Fernley NV

Mohs Surgery in Fernley NVWhen it comes to taking care of your skin, you probably expend the most effort on your face. Because your face typically gets the most exposure to UV rays, protecting your face from the sun is a vital part of preventing skin cancer. Even if you haven’t taken good care of your face in the past and have developed a carcinoma, you don’t have to resign yourself to the situation. You can remove the carcinoma and restore the beauty of your skin using minimally invasive Mohs surgery in Fernley NV.

What is Mohs Surgery in Fernley NV?

Mohs micrographic surgery involves removing the skin cancer layer by layer, checking for cancer cells along the way. This allows your dermatologist to remove all the cancerous tissue and very little of the healthy tissue for an extremely targeted and effective procedure. As a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr Gross is qualified to perform Mohs surgery in Fernley NV in his office using local anesthesia. Because Mohs surgery enables such precise targeting of skin cancer cells, this procedure has a 98 percent success rate in removing carcinomas. The procedure can also be used on certain melanomas, at the dermatologist’s discretion and with the use of special stains to enable the surgeon to spot the microscopic melanoma cells.

Visit the Dermatologist

While Mohs surgery in Fernley NV is your best chance of removing a cancer on your face, that doesn’t mean you want to let the cancer get any bigger than it already is. Make time in your normal routine in Fernley NV to get your annual skin care exams from Dr Gross, and you’ll have a better chance of catching carcinomas early when Mohs surgery will be the least invasive.