Dermatology Skin Cancer Center

Montclair CA

Montclair CA started out as a citrus farming community, but today it is mostly residential. People don’t get sun exposure from picking fruit in Montclair CA anymore, but they do brave the sun’s UV rays when visiting nearby attractions like Raging Waters Regional Park, Scandia Amusement Park, and the California Speedway. In order to enjoy these outdoor activities safely on sunny days, be sure to visit a dermatologist in Montclair CA. Your dermatologist can provide advice about preventing sun damage, as well as treatment for the effects of sun damage like wrinkles and skin cancer. Dr. Gross is an excellent choice of dermatologist in Montclair CA. He offers a complete range of dermatological services, including diagnosis and treatment of acne, eczema, skin cancer, etc. In the event that you are diagnosed with skin cancer, Dr. Gross can provide expert treatment using the latest techniques like Mohs surgery. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.