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Melanoma Treatment in Reno NV

Get expert melanoma treatment in Reno NV from experienced dermatologic surgeon Dr Keith Gross.

Melanoma Treatment in Reno NVAlthough it is not the most common type of skin cancer, melanoma is the most deadly, killing nearly 9,000 Americans each year. The reason melanoma is so dangerous is that it spreads. Once melanoma spreads from your skin into other parts of your body, it becomes increasingly difficult to treat. Therefore, it is imperative that you visit a skin cancer specialist like Dr Gross right away. Dr Gross can provide an accurate diagnosis as well as melanoma treatment in Reno NV.

Options for Melanoma Treatment in Reno NV

Your options for melanoma treatment in Reno NV will vary according to how developed the cancer is when it is diagnosed. Melanomas that are just beginning to develop can be removed with a surgical excision. The larger the melanoma grows, the deeper and wider the excision will have to be in order to make sure that all of the cancerous cells are removed. For later stage melanomas, a combination of surgery and other treatments like chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or radiation therapy may be required. If you have any questions about melanoma treatment in Reno NV, just ask Dr Gross.

Why Trust Dr Gross

Dr Gross is a highly experienced dermatologist and a Fellow of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. He takes care to remain at the forefront of techniques for melanoma detection and melanoma treatment in Reno NV, including Mohs surgery. Many minor surgical treatments can be provided right in the comfort of his office.

Get Screened for Melanoma Today

When it comes to the success of your melanoma treatment, early detection is very important. The smaller the melanoma is when your treatment begins, the less invasive the excision will be and the lower your risk of seeing the melanoma spread beyond the skin. We urge you to make time in your busy life in to visit one of our offices at least once per year for a thorough skin cancer screening.