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Mohs Surgery in Reno NV

Treat skin cancer with a 98 percent success rate using Mohs surgery in Reno NV

Mohs Surgery in Reno NVSkin cancer is quite common, and most types of skin cancer are relatively easy to treat, especially if you catch them early. However, that doesn’t mean you even want to receive a diagnosis of skin cancer! If Dr Gross does diagnose you with basal or squamous cell carcinoma, at least you can take comfort in the fact that the condition can be treated using Mohs surgery in Reno NV right in Dr Gross’ office.

What is Mohs Surgery in Reno NV?

In the past, dermatologists were often forced to sort of estimate how much tissue they needed to remove to excise all the cancer cells in a carcinoma. They had to strike a balance between the risks of not getting all the cancer cells and removing more healthy tissue than strictly necessary. With Mohs microscopic surgery, surgeons can examine excised cells during the procedure, so they know exactly when they’ve removed all the cancerous tissue. Mohs surgery enables the dermatologist to provide more precise and effective treatment, and also minimizes the cosmetic impact of the surgery on the patient. You will definitely want to choose Mohs surgery in Reno NV treatment of carcinomas on your face.

Visit the Dermatologist

Most carcinomas are caused by UV exposure. If you’re a night owl who prefers gaming in Reno NV’s Peppermill casino to hiking in the desert around Reno NV, you might think you’re safe from skin cancer. However, this is no excuse to postpone your visit to the dermatologist for your annual skin cancer screening. If you want to keep your skin healthy and make sure you do catch any carcinomas early when they can be most easily treated with Mohs surgery in Reno NV, call Dr Gross today.