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Dermatologist in Sparks NVYour skin is actually the largest organ in your body. Are you giving it the respect it deserves? Make sure your skin stays healthy, strong and beautiful by consulting a dermatologist in Sparks NV. A skilled professional like Dr. Gross can help you treat all sorts of painful or unsightly skin problems, including issues related to excessive skin oil, allergens, UV exposure, and infection. Some of the most common conditions that we treat at our offices include:

What Makes Dr. Gross one of the Best Dermatologists in Sparks NV?

Dr. Gross, a Harvard- and UCLA-educated dermatologist in Sparks NV,has been in the private practice since 1992, and he has the knowledge and experience necessary to treat any type of skin condition you may have. He uses the latest tools and technology in both diagnostics and treatment, and he can even perform Mohs surgery right in his office on an outpatient basis to remove cancerous growths.

Want to Learn More?

You can learn more about skin disorders and treatments by visiting an expert dermatologist in SparksNVlike Dr. Gross. Don’t be afraid to ask Dr. Gross any questions you might have about your skin, such as which sunscreen you should use, how to perform a skin cancer self-exam, or how to care for tattooed skin. Please contact us today to set up your appointment.