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Mohs Surgery in Victorville CA

Treat skin cancer with a 98 percent success rate using Mohs surgery in Victorville CA

Mohs Surgery in Victorville CAIf you have basal or squamous cell carcinoma on your face, Mohs surgery in Victorville CAcan help you eliminate the unsightly blemish. This procedure has a 98 percent success rate on carcinomas and normally causes very little cosmetic impact, especially when small carcinomas are concerned. To learn if this procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr Gross.

Why Choose Mohs Surgery in Victorville CA

In the past, dermatologists were often forced to sort of estimate how much tissue they needed to remove to excise all the cancer cells in a carcinoma. They had to strike a balance between the risks of not getting all the cancer cells and removing more healthy tissue than strictly necessary. With the advent of Mohs microscopic surgery, surgeons can examine excised cells during the procedure, so they know exactly when they’ve removed all the cancerous tissue. Mohs surgery enables the dermatologist to provide more precise and effective treatment, and also minimizes the cosmetic impact of the surgery on the patient. You will definitely want to choose Mohs surgery in Victorville CA for treatment of carcinomas on your face.

Visit the Dermatologist

Dr Gross is a highly skilled dermatologist and a fellow in the American Society of Dermatological Surgery. He can perform Mohs surgery in Victorville CA right in his office. After your face heals, be sure to protect it against the risk of developing more carcinomas by wearing sunscreen as you stroll around Victorville CA, aka “the key city of the high desert.” Be especially careful walking along Victorville CA’s section of historic Route 66 on your lunch break, and continue to see Dr Gross for regular skin cancer screenings.