Tips On Dealing With Acne

July 12, 2012

Tips On Dealing With Acne Acne is an uncomfortable skin condition that nearly everyone throughout the country experiences at some time in their lives. Most people associate it with the teenage years, but hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause can also trigger it.  While there are many causes, it happens when the pores on the surface of the skin get clogged.  When your glands produce excessive oil, pores can become clogged.  As dead cells, dirt, and bacteria begin to build up there is a blockage or plug.  These plugs are usually referred to as whiteheads or blackheads or simply pimples.  Without proper treatment, severe acne can cause scarring.

Caring for Acne Yourself

  • Gently clean skin with a mild soap that does not dry out skin.
  • Remove all makeup and dirt when cleaning your face
  • Use water-based or noncomedogenic makeup
  • Wash one or two times per day, but avoid excessive scrubbing or repeated washing
  • Shampoo hair daily and keep it out of your face

Things Not to Do

  • Do not touch your face
  • Don’t wear tight hats or headbands
  • Do not scratch, squeeze, pick at or rub the pimples – this can lead to scarring and infection
  • Don’t use greasy creams or cosmetics

Over the Counter Medications

If you are still having problems with acne you can try some over the counter medications that are topically applied to the skin.  Most of these products will contain sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid and work by drying up the skin oils, killing bacteria, or causing the top skin layer to peel off.  These medications may cause the skin to peel or become red.

Professional Treatment

If your acne gets worse or does not go away, you may need to visit a dermatologist for treatment.  Stronger medication may be prescribed including antibiotics, creams, and gels.

Do you need professional treatment for acne?