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Barstow CA

Barstow CA has a very interesting history, as it was first visited by Indians and Spanish colonists traversing the Old Spanish Trail, and then settled by Mormons along the Mormon Corridor. Throughout its history, transportation was always very important to the city. Today, you can see the history of Barstow CA in the murals adorning various downtown buildings. Similarly, people can see your history in your skin. In order to ensure your skin tells a good story about you, make sure you get regular treatments from adermatologist in Barstow CA. Dr. Gross is an excellent choice of dermatologist in Barstow CA. He offers a complete range of dermatological services, including diagnosis and treatment of acne, eczema, skin cancer, etc. In the event that you are diagnosed with skin cancer, Dr. Gross can provide expert treatment using the latest techniques like Mohs surgery. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.