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Dermatology in Barstow CA

Learn how an expert in dermatology in Barstow CA can help protect your health

Dermatology in Barstow CAHave you ever wondered what is included in dermatology in Barstow CA? Dermatology is essentially the study of the skin and an expert dermatologist needs to know everything about keeping skin healthy and beautiful. Therefore the following services are key to dermatology:

Skin Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Skin cancer is more common than breast, prostate, colon, and lung cancer combined. Fortunately, most skin cancers are not as dangerous as these other cancers. However, early detection is very important. As an expert in dermatology in Barstow CA, Dr. Gross can provide professional skin cancer screenings to detect and diagnose carcinomas, melanomas, and pre-cancerous lesions. If your screening reveals skin cancer, Dr. Gross will explain your treatment options. He can perform Mohs surgery right in his office so you won’t have to find a new doctor for treatment.
Just because most skin cancers are easy to treat doesn’t mean you should ignore preventative skin care. Dr. Gross can provide advice for skin cancer prevention as well as guidance for performing the at-home skin cancer self-exams that will help with early detection of any suspicious moles, growths, or bumps.

What Makes Dr. Gross an Expert in Dermatology in Barstow CA?

Dr. Gross has the education and experience required to mark him as an expert in dermatology in Barstow CA. After studying at Harvard and UCLA, Dr. Gross opened his private practice in 1992. He has been certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a fellow of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. If you want to benefit from his expert care and advice, just call us today and schedule an appointment at the treatment center closest to you.